Opera mini vs Teashark vs UCWeb

New mobile phone browsers and upgraded browser are been released in months what will be the future of the existing.

 Below are some of the browser in existence that caught my attention.

It is now up to every user to decide which one soothes him or her most.

Opera Mini

View pages in Landscape Mode, File Download Manager, Data Encryption & AddSearch from any Form field.

Subscribe to RSS feeds: Subscribe to your favourite RSS news feeds and download updates automatically. Sort the articles by feed source or update.

Photo Sharing: Share a picture from your device memory or phone camera. Upload them to any of your blogs, forums or e-mail blog right from Opera Mini.
-Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support
-And now even faster: Opera Mini keeps an open connection between server and client reducing overhead TCP set-up times

Its final full version 4  is out. Download Opera Mini 4


Java Mobile Browser with Autocomplete, RSS/Bookmarks Sync with Desktop PC, Mouse-Cursor, Land Mode & Zoom

 Compatible with  any MIDP 2.0 supported device such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Palm, Motorola, LG, Samsung and Windows Mobile (with JVM).

Download Teashark here from your mobile.


Java J2ME Mobile browser Push SMS Autorefresh, Traffic Statics, Multi-Thread Download & Custom User-Agent

Works like Firefox

It supports some unique features such as an inbuilt email-client with webmail (Yahoo, Live Hotmail, GMail, AIM, etc) support, audio and video multimedia player, push SMS, offline content saving, clipboard, traffic statistics and multi-threaded download manager.

Download UCWeb here for your mobile phone

Note: They all work well with webmail.

Good luck

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~ by nazzyon on September 22, 2007.

31 Responses to “Opera mini vs Teashark vs UCWeb”

  1. there’s no File Download Manager for Opera Mini

  2. it is helping others

  3. ucweb is the best for java mobile but it doesn’t have auto refresh or audio or media support as you said i’m using sony ericsson k310i ucweb 5.1 and ucweb6 beta2.pls let me know y i’m not getting dese features.and ha tea shark’s sped is mind blowing.

  4. teashark speed mind blowing, uc web slow, can anyone tell hw to speed it up?? operamini is also gud. am using w810i, when i try to download thru operamini 4.1 frm save as option, it gv error sm remote conncetion like that. cn any1 help? mail me at dr_kanwarpalgill@yahoo.com

  5. I hav got all 3. Ucweb for downloading. Teashark for browsing and opera for news.
    But i think best is ucweb because of its download manager and easy navigating keys.

  6. Use ucweb5.1 its faster than tea shark supports upload download autorefresh tabs skin web wap every thing which you’ll get in opera mobile..just visit our site mobitech.uk.to for more details


  8. I v’e ucweb pls let me know how to change language 4rm china to english

  9. You can find the english version on the following link: http://www.ucweb.com/English/mobile_list.shtml

    First choose your phone and then download the file.

  10. My phone(lgkg195)is not supporting the ucweb please answer me.

  11. My phone is n72.Ucweb support my mobile?Help me pls fast

  12. My phone is nokia N72.I can’t use ucweb in my phone.It displays a message “initialisation failed”.Please help me.

  13. is free download is possible by ucweb? if yes means how? please send to my mail

  14. Does ucweb works on my nokia6680?Pls help me..Pls…Tnx ;-)….

  15. Doer ucweb works on my n6680?Pls txt me on my digits 09279875988 tnx …

  16. in my (lgkg195) some sites r not supported what 2 do

  17. any other browsers compatible with sony ericsson mobile then suggest me.

  18. 怎么回事啊?不就是UC嘛。怎么还有人问怎么把中文版改成英文版。要么你到网站下载英文版,要么,你就去修改你安装的文件吧。显然,你只能选择前者!(*^_^*)

  19. When i download mp3 and other file in ucweb that are supported by my mobile. I cant open it and says “file format not supported”. My mobile phone is nokia 3110c.

  20. If any1 can tel me is teashark wrkng in n70 cuz i dwnloded it and 1st whn I opnd it wrkd but whn i opnd it again no rspons just white scrn only. Help plz

  21. Ucweb very bast
    opera mini very bad

  22. When im goin to dowload a file here in my 6600 it turns to errow and back to zero as in it shutdown, i thnk its defend on the unit of phone ur using…Right? Txbk

  23. airtel post paid ma free 6 ucweb?

  24. hey how are you i want to download ucweb on my nokia N73 but from where to download it !!!! its official site http://www.ucweb.com displays “comming soon” please give me right solution or please send me suitable “SIS” or “jar” file iam in need please help me !!!!!!my email id gns00727@gmail.com please help me

  25. is it possible to download free contents using ucweb in airtel pls help on amitinder11@gmail.com

  26. Hi im using ucweb 5.1 in my nokia 2630. How can i watch video or hear music from browsing using my cellphone. Thax pls reply.

  27. How i download files . Downloading is not working in my nokia 3110c. Please help me.

  28. My phone is N72.I can’t use ucweb.It shows ‘initailisation failed’.pls help me.

  29. thank you

  30. Teashark service is now discontinued

  31. Hey. My phone works well with all Opera and UCWEB versions. Teashark is a hell coz it’s never initialized on my Sony Ericcson W810i and even if I download it, it doesn’t work at all. Please help me out.

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